Sew What! Bags - 18 Pattern-Free Projects You Can Customize to Fit Your Needs
Barnes, Lexie

ISBN 9781603420921
Taal Engels
Categorie Handwerken, naaien en naaldkunst als hobby
Meer info 2009, hardcover, very good copy
Extra informatie From daypacks for hiking to everyday grocery totes, bags are an essential accessory for life on the go. In this inspiring guide, Lexie Barnes shows you how to create handmade bags that provide customized functionality while showcasing your own personal style. With step-by-step instructions for 18 pattern-free projects that include drawstring sacks, handbags, and messenger bags, Barnes encourages you to experiment with bold fabrics, hand-picked materials, and purpose-tailored dimensions to create fashionably unique bags that are suitable for your individual needs.

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