The Way of the Magus
Howard, Michael

ISBN 9781898307822
Uitgever Capal Bann
Taal GB
Categorie studieboeken,spiritualiteit,Occult, Magick
Meer info 1996, paperback, good copy
Extra informatie "Well, what a book, if you have an interest in magic or you are just curious, this is the book" Touchstone A practical guide to magic covering the principles and uses of magical energy and magical ritual accessories. Types of magic described are:- natural, moon, astral, elemental and planetary/Angelic; there is also a comprehensive appendix of magical correspondences. Rituals are included with guided visualisations based on the symbolism of each magical system. Contents include: What is magic and how does it work; natural forces; preparation - relaxation - visualisation; magical tools ; the astral plane; reading the Akashic Records; the Magical Mirror; astral projection; plant and tree magic; weather magic; stone magic; candle magic; colour magic; Earth energy; the Power of the moon; waxing and waning tides; lunar pathworking; moon ritual; the elemental guardian; the elemental principles; elemental colours; solar tides and seasonal cycles; pathworking to contact the elements; the Archangels and the planetary forces.

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