You Are the World
Krishnamurti, J.

ISBN 9780060803032
Uitgever Perennial Library
Taal Engels
Categorie studieboeken,spiritualiteit,Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, India
Meer info 1973, pocket, age tanned, shelf wear, good copy
Extra informatie 0060803037. There is a strange malaise amongst the student population of the world and, at this critical moment, the words of J. Krishnamurti direct each person tot become his own teacher as well as discipline. For over four decades, Krishnamurti has spoken to people in all parts of the world. He does not represent any ‘school’ of thought, either of the East of the West. He is only concerned with facts, not with ideas, theories and beliefs. A record of twelve talks, and subsequent questions and answers, given at four large American universities on individual freedom and righteous behavior.

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