The Turing Option (The Turing Option #1)
Harrison, Harry & Minsky, Marvin

ISBN 9780140129502
Uitgever Penguin
Taal GB
Categorie science fiction fantasy
Omschrijving 1993, pocket, good copy
Extra informatie J. J. Beckworth, of Megalobe Industries, was unimpressed by whiz-kid Brian Delaney's new robot, Robin-I. The thing could talk - after a fashion - and catch paperclips, but so what? Seconds later Brian was left dead in a savage attack by unknown assassins; his brain shattered. His only hope lay in Robin-I. For he had created a machine capable of rebuilding its inventor's mind from spare parts. Now Brian's amnesiac brain struggles to bring a new form of intelligence into the world - and the enemies of Megalobe hunted him down like a wounded animal... The Turning Option combines the talents of the world's leading expert on Artificial Intelligence and a master SF storyteller in a fascinating near-future thriller.

€ 4,00

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