A collection of ancient glass 500 BC - 500 AD
Arts, P.L.W.

ISBN 9789074213219
Uitgever Antiek Lochem,
Taal GB
Categorie kunst
Meer info 2000, paperback, good copy
Extra informatie The interest of both my wife and 1 in ancient glass was triggered by pure coincidence. Both familiar with classical antiquity, we had the opportunity to witness a rather spectacular demonstration of glass-blowing, during which strong emphasis was frequently put on the incredible capabilities of glass craftsmen in antiquity. In retrospect this was the starting point of an exciting journey into the world of ancient glass. Soon the first books were bought and then the first piece of Roman glass, a simple but elegant toilet bottle. We found ourselves involved in collecting ancient glass within the year, with the inevitable consequence that we gradually developed the attitude and state of mind common to all collectors - a thrill in the hunt for an object, excitement in owning it and, possibly most important of all, enthusiasm in sharing and exchanging ideas and information with other people interested in the same art-form.

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