Astral Man to Cosmic Christ: A Metaphysical Odyssey: A Classic Metaphysical Mystery of Murder and Divine Love, and Occult Safety Instruction Manual
Keizer, Lewis S. & Whitworth, Eugene E.

ISBN 9780595096527
Uitgever Writers Club Press
Taal GB
Categorie studieboeken,spiritualiteit
Meer info 2000, paperback, very good copy
Extra informatie To read Astral Man To Cosmic Christ by Eugene E. Whitworth and Lewis S. Keizer is to absorb two lifetimes of learning in occult wisdom and techniques! The authors—yes, two were needed to tell the whirlwind story adequately—take the reader into the fast-beating heart of mysticism and occult learning. They make it possible for you to absorb safely the fascinating drama and a double life-time of specialized learning while enjoying the fast-paced mystery of a misfit's growth, through love and service to country, into one of the great practical metaphysicians of all time. Techniques of mystic development interweave dramatically with the fury of out-of-body psychic warfare needed to defend the United States from telepathic spies able to project their subtle bodies and cause physical phenomena. In a desperate attempt to develop astral projection for national defense, a young man is catapulted far beyond his apparent spiritual powers with no guarantee of success. His struggle against psychic spies becomes an epic struggle for the soul of humanity against dark forces that control human affairs. The story is replete with hints. Keizer named the head of the OOBE project Inonaz, a reverse cipher for the famous Zanoni of Bulwer-Lytton's classic esoteric novel of two hundred years ago, in anticipation that Astral Man to Cosmic Christ will eventually occupy the same position in the 21st century. He refers to the novel as a golden strand upon which numerous esoteric pearls are strung for the alert reader. By mastery of the craft of story telling, the authors fascinate with authentic details from authentic spiritual life. By application of years of learning, the authors educate the reader. By insertion of eternal principles into fast-paced action, the authors teach wisdom. The authors skillfully draw you into the unfolding spiritual drama of the characters. You find that you grow with the principal character, Norris, as he goes beyond human limitations, from an Astral Being to Glorious Avatar in training. From mysterious beginning to fascinating end, you will not want to put down Astral Man to Cosmic Christ.

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