Virtually Vegan / All-Vegan Recipes With a Non-Vegan Twist
Whinney, Heather

ISBN 9781848993471
Uitgever Nourish Books
Taal GB
Categorie hobby,kookboeken,klimaat kookboek
Omschrijving 2018, hardcover, very good copy
Extra informatie There is a whole host of people who have heard the arguments for eating more vegetables, who know the ethical and environmental issues around dairy and meat farming, but who don't want to sign up to a whole new way of life. Virtually Vegan is for them! With over 120 delicious recipes, Heather Whinney reveals how you can make proper, hearty food that just happens to be vegan. Every recipe is designed with a sensible storecupboard in mind, to keep special ingredients to a minimum.

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