Where Angels Fear to Tread / The Nature of Reality And Meaning of God
Morrey, Alex J.

ISBN 9781419626142
Uitgever Booksurge
Taal GB
Categorie studieboeken,spiritualiteit
Omschrijving 2006, paperback, pencil notes, very good copy
Extra informatie Where Angels Fear to Tread delves in depth into the universal questions about the nature of reality, the meaning of God, and the truth of human existence from the viewpoint of physics and science. What is God? Why do we perceive objects as solid, when in truth, they are not? Where does religion fit in? Is this life only a dream-like existence? What is the Dark Energy that fills the universe? Are we influenced by the values and beliefs of the masses? Can we influence our own life events, and if so, how? With a degree in physics and mathematics, author Alex Morrey provides answers to these questions in a provocative and powerfully written manner that will broaden every truth seeker's knowledge and leave readers captivated and greatly enriched.

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