We're British, Innit / An Irreverent A-Z of All Things British
Aitch, Iain

ISBN 9780007365500
Uitgever Harpercollins Pub Ltd
Taal GB
Categorie geschiedenis
Omschrijving 2010, paperback, shelf/reading wear, good copy
Extra informatie Forget the Government's Citizenship Test—this is the real measure of Britishness. With a wealth of brand-new material that will bring a smile of recognition to even the stiffest of upper lips, Iain Aitch brings us even more explorations of innate Britishness. Continuing in the snappy A to Z format, this study brings us all things uniquely British, whether it's our love of fish and chips or our high regard for James Bond and the red telephone box. Everything you've ever regarded as being inimitably British is contained within these pages. Test your knowledge of Britain and what it means to be British by answering the multiple choice questions at the end of the book, such as What kind of peas are used to make mushy peas? What were the last words of Admiral Lord Nelson? and What exactly is Readers' Wives? With more style than Jarvis Cocker's moves and more pomp than Elgar's masterpiece, this is a celebration of all that is truly glorious about good ol’ “Blighty.” A book for the entire British population—Northerner, Southerner, and even tourist and immigrant alike—this is the perfect read for someone seeking a truly British experience.

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