How to Survive a Horror Movie / All the Skills to Dodge the Kills
Grahame-Smith, Seth

ISBN 9781594741791
Uitgever Quirk Books
Taal GB
Categorie hobby,film,Culture, cultuur, Film, Podiumkunst, Horror, Humor, Comedy
Meer info 2007, softcover with dust jacket, good copy
Extra informatie Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. From ghosts, vampires, and zombies to serial killers, cannibalistic hillbillies, and haunted Japanese videocassettes, How to Survive a Horror Movie shows how to defeat every obstacle found in scary films. Readers will discover: - How to Perform an Exorcism - What to Do If You Did Something Last Summer - How to Persuade the Skeptical Local Sheriff - How to Vanquish a Murderous Doll - How to Survive an Alien Invasion - How to Tell If You've Been Dead Since the Beginning of the Movie and much, much more. Complete with useful instructions, insane illustrations, and a list of 100 important films to study, How to Survive a Horror Movie is essential reading for prom queens, jocks, teenage babysitters, and anyone employed by a summer camp.

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