Granta 121 / Best of Young Brazilian Novelists
John Freeman

ISBN 9781905881635
Uitgever Granta Magazine
Taal Engels
Categorie literatuur,Short Stories, Cultural Brazil
Meer info 2012, paperback, good copy
Extra informatie Since Granta’s inaugural list of the Best of Young British Novelists in 1983 (featuring Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro, Martin Amis and Julian Barnes) the Best of Young issues have been some of the magazine’s most influential and best-selling. In 2010, Granta looked beyond the English-speaking world with Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists. Now, in an issue fully translated in partnership with Granta em Português, the magazine celebrates emerging talent from Brazil, many translated into English for the first time. Authors include Cristhiano Aguiar, Vanessa Barbara, Carol Bensimon, Javier Arancibia Contreras, J.P. Cuenca, Miguel del Castillo, Laura Erber, Emilio Fraia, Julian Fuks, Daniel Galera, Luisa Geisler, Vinicius Jatoba, Michel Laub, Tatiana Salem Levy, Ricardo Lisias, Chico Mattoso, Antonio Prata, Carola Saavendra, Leandro Sarmatz, and Antonio Xerxenesky. Plus: look for candid interviews, exclusive podcasts, and interactive features, which allow readers to comment on current and past issues, on our website,

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