The Wright Style: The Interiors Of Frank Lloyd Wright
Lind, Carla

ISBN 9780500285275
Taal GB
Categorie kunst,Architecture, Design
Meer info 2004, paperback, as new
Extra informatie Here is a breathtaking look at the endlessly popular works of Frank Lloyd Wright. This great American architect regarded his houses as symphonies, each composed as a beautiful whole down to the smallest detail. He shaped not just the shell, but everything that went with it: furniture, skylights, art glass windows, light fixtures, textiles, carpets, murals, decorative accessories, even the surrounding landscape. The Wright Style offers an extraordinary guided tour of more than forty houses, from Frank Lloyd Wright's own homes in Oak Park, Illinois, and at the two Taliesins in Wisconsin and Arizona, via classic residences such as the Fallingwater, Wingspread and Hollyhock houses, to the creations of a dozen other architects - including Rudolf Schindler, John Lautner and Fay Jones - who have continued the tradition in startling new ways. show how present-day occupants harmonize and live with their glorious dwellings. A full catalogue of products lists items available today, from sofas and tables to rugs and wallpapers, that will help re-create the unique Wright ambience. Wright's influence on 20th-century architecture and design has been immense. His ideas pervade our domestic environments, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of everyday life. This guide enables us to recapture in its original unity one of the most significant interior design styles of the modern age.

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