Adepts of the Five Elements: An Occult Survey of Past and Future Problems
Anrias, David

ISBN 9780710062277
Uitgever Routledge & Kegan Paul Books
Taal GB
Categorie studieboeken,spiritualiteit
Meer info 1968, hardcover withd dust jacket, good copy
Extra informatie 710062273 The main importance of this book is to show that fiery elements override all others. Anrias shows this by example and occult contact with the Masters. David Anrias wrote under a pseudonym and was of English descent. He fought in the WWI and traveled the orient extensively upon his return to England he surveyed the occult "scene" in London and started writing. His other very famous (in occult circles) book is "Through the Eyes of the Masters." The illustrations of the Masters in the book are of Anrias's own drawings.

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