Beckett, Chris (Author)

ISBN 9781786499370
Uitgever Atlantic Books
Taal Engels
Categorie Science fiction,Fictie
Meer info New, 2022, Paperback / softback
Extra informatie A captivating and provocative novel that explores the importance of storytelling, as well as questioning how human beings understand our place within society, time and even space. From an Arthur C. Clarke award-winning author. 'Tomorrow I'm going to begin my novel...' A would-be author has taken time out from life in the city to live in a cabin by a river and write a novel. And not just any novel. A novel that will avoid all the pitfalls and limitations of other novels, a novel that will include everything. At first these new surroundings are so idyllic that it's hard to find the motivation to get started. And then, in all its brutality, the outside world intervenes... Ranging constantly backwards and forwards in time and space, Tomorrow becomes a restless search for meaning in a precarious and elusive world.

€ 13,95


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