Mirror Image
Steel, Danielle

ISBN 9780552141345
Uitgever Transworld Publishers Ltd
Taal Engels
Categorie Populaire fictie algemeen,Romance, Romantiek, Chick Lit, Historical Fiction, Historische Fictie, Romance, Drama
Meer info 1999, Paperback/Pocket. age tanned, good copy / softback
Extra informatie From Manhattan high-society to warn-torn France, Mirror Image is a compelling story about the mysterious bond between twin sisters. For twins Olivia and Victoria, their bond was mysterious, marvellous, and often playful – a secret realm only they inhabited. Shy, serious Olivia, born eleven minutes before her sister, had taken over the role of mother in their lush New York estate. Free-spirited Victoria wanted to change the world, and embraced the women’s suffrage movement, dreaming of sailing to war-torn Europe. Then, in the girls’ twenty-first year, as the First World War escalates overseas, a fateful choice changes their lives forever . . .

€ 8,35


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